Top Best Games of 2011

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Top Best Games of 2011

Top Best Games of 2011

I know many of you always in search of top best games for a specific year like 2011 and 2012 as they are year we are in or in these years we found top best games. We can differentiate them by their graphic by the technologies used in these years and many things came along well today I am going to share with you some ranking which was shared by some well known sites and blogs, no doubt they released by seeing different perspectives like how much sale and revenue that game earned and many other things well what ranking I am going to share with you will help you which game is interesting and is able that you should play it once this ranking is by the revenue generated so it will help if that game earned a lot so no doubt that game do have some guts or some thing in it that people bought it well so now come to the point. The most revenue was generated by Act of Valor and was around $24.5 Million and was awarded as the best game and one of the most played game in 2011 well that was the number one but there is another game which was the top one in most played games but it was unable to generate much revenue that was The Secret World of Arrietty it generated around $4.4 Million but the playing rate was 93% which is far more then the most sold game Act of Valor so in my view I will give this game the top best game award. I am sharing a list with you which include the Top best games of 2011

The Top Best Game of 2011 was

  1.   Act of Valor which made around $24.5 million
  2. Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds which earned $15.6 Million
  3. Journey 2: The Mystery Island earned 13.4 Million
  4. Safe House earned $10.9 Million
  5. The Vow earned $9.9 Million
  6. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance earned $9.0 Million
  7. This Means War earned $ 8.4 Million
  8. Wanderlust eaned $6.5 Million
  9. Gone earned 4.8
  10.  The Secret World Of Arrietty is our last game which didn’t make in earning but was ranked at number one as best played game earned 4.4 Million

Top Best Games of 2011 Top Best Games of 2011


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